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Via research and development (plastics processing) to project development and initiating specific recycling technology. Not only commercializing the scientific know-how but also being able to prove the potential and sell the technical knowledge to an American company; which has led in running two facilities at two locations at the same time.


Understanding the value chain and combining this with technical sales, the following step was to have full business responsibility for a recycling operation.


Then the general manager position and managing director position completed my "education" and career up till now.


Running several production operations but the most of the fun I get from "reviving" badly run operations turning them in to sound healthful ones!


Specialties: Chemical and technical background. Broad educational and experience background. Production is fun. Bringing a company in to shape and then running is at it was intended to!


Ruud Burlet's career developed in the beginning phase clearly from a technical business perspective (bachelor in Chemistry),  with all additional management responsibilities related.


Managing a group of senior-scientists was the first step on the laboratory floor for Ruud. In the course of Ruud's career, several patents where filed under his name and the one on PET bottle recycling brought him from plastic and rubber processing into plastic recycling. REKO, the 'daughter' or subsidiary of the renowned DSM was at the time a leader in the field of plastics-recycling and one of the first in Europe to advance in PET-bottle recycling methods.


Ruud was a young committed student at the time, who was admitted to a DSM-course (MACHT) and eventually getting more and more involved into business management during the course of his career.


The next step in his career were general management responsibilities for Vredestein Rubber Recycling. The firm was evolving and Ruud subsequently became the managing director of a holding-firm with activities in the Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium and the United States.

''In 25 years I covered all the elements in recycling and business in general. When the essential foundation of studies was laid, I gradually was involved more in solving complex problems. Eventually creating opportunities for new business, acquisitions and expansions during my early career. Always balancing multiple stakeholder-group needs, expectations and act responsibly for business continuation planning.''

For decades I have been in the position that I was allowed to travel and do business in all corners of the world. The last 5-6 years have been very intense in the contacts with the Business world from India. From all different angels I have created my own 3D view of this Indian Business world. I have transformed it in a short course/presentation. If you are interested to learn you can most probably avoid some pitfalls and hurdles and get a running start if you want to penetrate this vast market.


going India

Ruud has been active on both side of the negotiation tables in very diverse settings. As a representative shareholder and as managing director towards shareholder’s boards.


Also as a member of a works council and furthermore as a company representative in which Ruud was mostly working together and sometimes in conflicting times with the unions.


Negotiating in large (purchasing) projects dealing with major customers (B2B) and with a large variety of suppliers and or waste treatment companies.


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Ruud Burlet   

COMmunication & negotiation

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