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The network of BURBUSS can be used for several purposes. Product introduction and product development are trademarks of BURBUSS.


The rubber and rubber processing industry are working areas. The broadest knowledge base of course is in the field of rubber and plastics recycling and processing.


When there is a need of support in the process of negotiations, BURBUSS can assist. Preparation is of eminent importance. Gathering all required information, setting feasible goals and limits are key beforehand.


Find the negotiable values, make a plan and only then commit to the negotiation itself. Together with you we will make the lay out and optimise the outcome. Let’s share our forces!


In certain situations when relations between customer and supplier are troubled, intervention may become necessary. If you want to maintain a valuable relationship while solving the altercation, BURBUSS can assist in the mediation process.


Specifically when technical matters interfere with relational aspect a third party can smoothen the argument and be the start of a renewed looking to solutions and answers and not remain focused on problems and disagreements.


In matters of required technical advice, in the field of rubber and plastics recycling and or processing, BURBUSS can provide the suitable angle and the relevant market contacts.


BURBUSS can help in mirroring questions and setting pathways to the best solutions. If we don’t have the right answer we will find it together with you!

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