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Optimizing material flow management for a circular economy.

At BURBUSS, we specialize in converting raw materials into enduring value. Our innovative and eco-friendly approaches optimize material and waste management, enabling businesses to cut costs and enhance sustainability.

We provide tailored material flow evaluations, recycling initiatives, and waste reduction plans that increase operational efficiency and reduce your ecological impact.

Partner with BURBUSS to revolutionize your material flow management, increase productivity, and drive profitability.

Addressing Practical Business Challenges.

Transforming raw materials into lasting value.

As the availability of raw materials dwindles and their costs continue to rise, it’s crucial for companies to adopt effective material flow management practices to optimize their operations.

At BURBUSS, we offer innovative and sustainable solutions to help your business manage its materials and waste streams efficiently.

BURBUSS is experienced in providing customized material flow assessments, recycling programs, and waste reduction strategies that save money and improve the environmental footprint.

Let BURBUSS help you transform your material flow management, boost your productivity, and enhance your profitability.

Maximizing efficiency through effective material flow management.

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Leverage BURBUSS's extensive network for your product introduction and development needs. Benefit from our specialized expertise in the field of Rubber and Plastics Recycling and Processing, gained through years of experience.


BURBUSS offers expert assistance in the negotiation process. We prioritize thorough preparation, including gathering all necessary information and setting achievable goals and limits. By identifying negotiable values and creating a comprehensive plan, we can optimize the outcome of your negotiation. Let us share our expertise and work together to achieve your goals.


When relationships between customers and suppliers become troubled, BURBUSS can assist in the mediation process. We act as a neutral third party to help resolve altercations while maintaining valuable relationships. Our specialized technical expertise can also help resolve conflicts where technical matters interfere with relational aspects. With our help, you can shift the focus from problems and disagreements to finding solutions and answers that renew your relationship.

Technical advise

BURBUSS provides tailored technical advice in the field of rubber and plastics recycling and processing. We offer the right perspective and access to relevant market contacts. We can help you mirror your questions and set pathways to the best solutions. If we don't have the answer, we will work with you to find it. Count on BURBUSS to be your partner in success.


At BURBUSS, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses develop effective strategies. With our specialized expertise in recycling and material flow management, representation, negotiation, mediation, and technical advice, we can help you identify opportunities for growth and optimize your operations. Whether you need assistance with product introduction and development, negotiating a complex deal, resolving a conflict, or obtaining technical advice, we're here to help. Count on us to be your trusted partner in success.

Ruud Burlet (MBA)


Unlocking the potential of your material resources.

The Story of BURBUSS and Ruud Burlet.

Join our partner network and let's create a more sustainable future together.

Our Affiliates and industry partners

We are proud to work alongside a diverse range of forward-thinking organizations committed to sustainable material management. 

We collaborate with a range of organizations from different industries to deliver sustainable material management solutions that meet their unique needs. Our partners include manufacturers, retailers, municipalities, and more, all of whom share our vision for a more sustainable future.

Together, we tackle complex material management challenges, reduce waste, and optimize material usage. Our innovative solutions drive tangible benefits for our partners, from cost savings to enhanced sustainability and a more positive brand image.

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